Layering SketchUp Exports

In this image, I wanted to create a rendering where the background context just goes away and the fixtures were in color.

I couldn’t just use the hidden line style and I didn’t want the linework to be shaded either. First, I hide the lighting components and exported the model with the hidden line style.

Then I used layers to turn off the model and just turn on the fixture components and exported this out as a .png file. Lastly, in Photoshop I simply stacked the images and used a mask to brush away any parts of the fixture image that needed to hide behind elements of the architecture.


3d Printed SketchUp Cookie Cutter

SketchUp Seminar at NeoCon East


Thursday, October 29 • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Learn the basics of 3D digital modeling using Google SketchUp. This program bridges the gap between 2D drawings and actual 3D models by enabling you to draw using a familiar pencil and paper mechanism in a software context. Familiarize yourself with modeling terminology and concepts. Get comfortable using the basic tools and techniques to design and draw in this fun, effective program. Identify the steps to begin a new project in Google SketchUp. From showing great models to clients to coordinating plans with design team members, consider the benefits and uses of 3D modeling as they apply to your design business. Acquire the skills to use a great new communication and design tool you can use in your very next project.

3 Day Intensive SketchUp at NYU

This week I finished up teaching a 3 day, 21 hour intensive session on SketchUp to designers taking NYU’s Summer Interior Design Certificate. The exercises were geared towards quickly visualizing interior spaces and using LayOut to create a design presentation. Students took this session as part of a 5 week long course.

2 Day SketchUp Class in Toronto

On August 26th and 27th I will be offering a SketchUp class in Toronto. This will be my first trip ever to Toronto and I look forward to offering this course two to three times a year.

National Gallery of Art Training

Last month, I had the pleasure of giving a private training to the staff at the National Gallery of Art. SketchUp has such versatility and its use in the gallery / museum / exhibit industry is pretty straightforward. In a series of practice exercises, students were able to model an existing space, select artwork, place it into the model and create views of what the visitor experience would be like.

If you are interested in private training, feel free to contact me at



Latest Project with SketchUp and Podium Walker

I just finished some  renderings and an animation of a space that included a hallway, common area, and 2 kids bedrooms. The model was done in SketchUp and then exported as an animation with Podium Walker.


chicago sketchup training

New Live and Online SketchUp Training Dates

I am happy to announce some new training dates through April. Also, look forward to training in Chicago as well as monthly webinars.

Subscription based tutorial will be released in the next month.

End of Year Training Sale and Video Tutorials

This years has flown by so quickly. Since March, I trained in several cities, webinars, and private company trainings and am finally taking a break for a few weeks. I’m in the process of recording and finalizing several video tutorials that will become available by the end of the year.

I’m also running a sale for the remaining 3 classes in December in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, DC. Also, 2015 classes will remain on sale to the end of the year as an early bird special! The full 2 Day Classes will be onsale for $500 instead of the regularly priced $595.




3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing

This semester at Harcum, I will be assisting one of my students, Elly Ball, in an independent study. The course will look into various new and advanced technologies that are reshaping the way designers gather data, design, and present their work.

Last week, we began by 3D scanning the library space at Harcum College. In the next coming weeks, Elly will take the 3D scanning data and 3D model the space using the Trimble Scan Explorer Extension for SketchUp. Lastly, she’ll 3D print a scale model of the space.  I’m really excited to see the process and explore the use of the various technologies within my own workflow.