SketchUp Monthly Webinar Series

Session 1 (Getting Started) September 2, 2-5pm ET
Session 2 (Presentation Tips and LayOut) September 9, 2-5pm ET
Session 3 (From Context) September 16, 2-5pm ET
Session 4 (Extensions and Photorealism) September 23, 2-5pm ET


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This webinar series is a live online training. I will share my screen while attendees following along side/side.

Webinar Tips:

  • Download the Zoom app.
  • Use headphones. The audio quality is much better for everyone else.
  • Use a second screen/display. You can sign into mulitple times. Many users have success streaming my screen onto a tablet or second monitor to keep your primary display available to model in SketchUp. This prevents having to switch back and forth from the screenshare.
  • Stuck? You can share your screen and I can also request mouse control to assist.
  • Recording Afterwards. Should you need to leave the session early, I will provide a screen recording link to the session.

Session 1 starts with the basics and builds up to Session 4 where you’ll learn how to create presentations and photorealistic renderings. The webinar setting allows you to follow along with the presentation on screen. A recorded stream of the session will be available in the event you need to go back and freshen up on a technique for one month. Working files are also included. Individual sessions are available as well.

Session 1: Learn the Basics (Beginner)

This beginner class shows you the basics and creates a strong foundation to build upon. Learn the essentials of navigating SketchUp and the terminology of the program.

      • Introduction: Welcome Screen, Templates, Toolbars
      • Drawing in 2D: Line, Rectangle, Circle, Polygon, Arc, Freehand
      • Lines & Inferencing
      • Massing a Model: Learn how to inferencing works in 3D as well as use the Follow-me tool to create complex roof pitches.
      • Measuring & Precision: Learn the essentials of drawing in your default units, using the Offset and Push/pull tools.
      • Guide me: Learn how to use guides to create window and door openings quickly.
      • Groups and Section: Learn why we create groups in the model and how to select objects and geometry.
      • Move, Rotate, Copy: Simple exercises that showcase these powerful tools.